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*THIS IS A PERFORMANCE MASTER'S PROGRAM-must enrolled in the entire program to receive certification*


All classes work with your schedule and are recorded for your review at any time. 


Planet and Moon


Analyzes MRI system principles associated with physics. Topics covered in this course include instrumentation, signal production, pulse sequencing, tissue characteristics, imaging parameters, artifacts, and image formation. Artifact recognition and prevention methods are included as well


Human Machine

Educational Objectives

At the completion of this webinar, participants will:

  • Understand the creation of the MRI signal, from precession to detection by the RF coil.

  • Explain basic tissue characteristics (TI, T2, PD, and T2*), and identify images by these characteristics.

  • Describe the various instrumentation systems used in MRI, and their purpose, including gradients, radiofrequency, magnet,s, and coils.

  • Explain the differences in pulse sequences and the trade-off in parameters that affect image quality.

  • Recognize artifacts seen on MRI images, and discuss how they are caused and prevented.

  • Review imaging procedures for all areas of the body, including identification of anatomical structures in all imaging planes.

  • List the several aspects of MRI safety that should be adhered to in the workplace.

  • Assess the knowledge base of MRI by participating in a mock registry exam.



92% passing rate on 1st attempt test takers.

100% on 2nd attempt test takers.


Doctor In Blue Scrubs With Stethoscope

What information will I need to provide?

You must submit and provide the following documentation to your clinical coordination team to become eligible for approval at your clinical location:

  • Current Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification

  • Current Resume/CV

  • HIPAA Compliance Agreement

  • Tentative Weekly Clinical Schedule


How does the clinical training process work?

Upon completion of both the Structured Education course and submitted clinical documentation, you would be eligible for clinical placement.  To provide a consistent and comprehensive clinical training experience, you will follow the direction of your personal clinical coordinator in regard to communication, case submissions, and attendance.

You must complete the Structured Education program with a 75%+ grade before starting clinical training.  Please be advised approval from the clinical leadership at the Performance Masters clinical coordination team and not every clinical location can accommodate each student.  For any questions about clinical training, please email us at


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